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A chick that is not fat but meaty. Something you can grab.
Chick wearing tight jeans and has a little bit of fat poking from both sides. She's meaty because she's not fat but there's something to grab.

Someone who likes slightly bigger girls...refer to them as meaty and not fat.

"she's nice and meaty!"
by karazy April 13, 2005
Meaty or Meat is a derivative of 'dead meat' which is used locally in the district of Dundrum, Dublin, Ireland when referring to everything being okilydokily. A Meaty can be an expression of positive feedback on an verb or adverb. Also used for recreational buzz words when chilling out among ones peers
That game of football was Meaty.
that spliff was meaty
by El Meaty May 06, 2011
It means you're not fat, but you don't have a body fat percentage of 0.
Chick: Hey babe, how do I look in this dress?
Dude: Great, babe. You look meaty.
Chick: Oh. Thanks, I guess.
by Pwincess L June 21, 2011
slang term used to describe cocaine. Origins are from the Greek word for nose
Sometimes I think about meaties and sometimes I have them
by Meaties Freak November 10, 2008
An over-the-top version of the football jock. Acting like a meathead. Doing meathead like activities. Push-up competitions in front of large groups of people. Talking about the weight room and lifting weights at a party. Trying to impress girls and other meatheads with muscles. Loves to fight other meatheads. Moving large heavy objects for show. Generally lack of intelligence but no lack of muscles. Main sport is football and loves the high school glory days.
Stop trying to lift that table, you're being pretty meaty.

Yo, you're pretty meaty today.
by Papparazzi` May 18, 2009
A very attractive sexy man, with the full package of muscles and can lift you up.
He is also very tan, and has a bad ass personality.
He is the perfect man in your eyes.

mmmmmmmm he is SOoOoOoOo MEATY
by maddie P January 28, 2009
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