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a term of endearment for a wonderful girlfriend.
i love you, stinky :)
by Dickie Moist October 07, 2003
356 161
Dirty money, money made from hustling or made illegally.

Listen to Clipse's song "Dirty Money" on Hell Hath No Fury
Hey girl i got mad stinkies, wanna earn some.
by Sikwitit24Seven February 05, 2007
60 7
undesirable garbage!
1. Garbage smells bad if left in the sun
a. I feel sorry for the garbage men
2. My bathtub was too scared of me because im stinky. May I borrow your fire hose?
by wakalakalover45 March 29, 2005
137 94
A word used to ask a baby or toddler if they have had a bowel movement. Toddlers often use this word to let parents know it is time to change a diaper or go to a potty.
Emma, Did you stinky? Mommy, I stinky.
by psychojo January 14, 2007
80 70
A term used to describe "dirty" money. That is, money that was gained illegaly
"Yo ma, I got a pocketful of stinkys, lets go spend these RIGHT QUICK"
by TokuZetsu December 28, 2006
12 6
A term used to describe someone who has a cleft chin, sharp or bulbous nose, big and/or protruding teeth and a perpetual expression of slight disgust on their face(like they just smelled something unpleasant), or most combinations of these traits. Many "stinky"-looking people are from England so a thick British accent can also be seen as a "stinky" trait.
"Man, that guy who played Bentley on The Jeffersons is the stinkiest looking mofo I ever saw."

Even though Nigel had a thick British accent he lacked other stinky qualities.
by SirStanG1977 March 18, 2013
7 4
Stinkies is a drinking game which consists of a group of Lads drinking copious amounts of alcoholic beverages whilst performing press ups as a forfeit. A forfeit of stinkies is achieved when the person in question says the word "Mine". As soon as the word "Mine" is spoken the offender must complete 10 press ups for everytime the word has been said.

"Whos drink is that?"
"Oh, its MINE"

x 10.
Drop down and give me some of the best stinkies khed!
by Tha' Dawg. April 05, 2011
4 1