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An articulate way of expressing yourself.
Fuck you.
by Kai November 17, 2003
The process in which an individual becomes fluent in a tabooed part of the English language (around middle school) to such an extent that they are able to fabricate prose of such animosity that it would make your Language Arts teachers tits fall off.
6th Grade: Go to hell son.
(manifestation of swearing occurs)
High School: Shut the fuck up you kinky, funky ass bitch you are a fucking fuck i'll fuck the shit out yo nigga nigga please i best fuck yo coon ass spic ass sandy nigga ass while i give you a fuckin screaming seagle
by WillDaBeast:) November 16, 2011
Making a proclaimation, either verbally or visually (striking a pose).
There she goes again, swearing about how hot she is!
by moklok April 12, 2011
A way for people to makethem selves feel cooler.
Fgt: d00d Fuck shit damn!!
Me: uhhh..... cocaine is one hell of a drug eh?
by srsly February 22, 2005
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