Brown, sloppy stuff that comes out of your arse. Some poos have chewing gum in them and some have sweetcorn in.
There is a poo in the toilet!!
by eloise the unicorn February 11, 2015
Aside from referring to excrement, POO can also refer to "Point of Origin." No, seriously. It took me a while to find how poo fit in those contexts too.
"The fire investigators determined the poo of the fire is from the northwest side of the hill."

"Dude what"
by Kharanos too September 27, 2013
The Spitfire: When you shit out lots of little molten rocks at extreemly high velocity. Usually happens after eating vindaloo and too much fruit.
oh, i hate having Spitfire in the morning, its worse than the average poo.

I just had the biggest Spitfire go through my toilet..
by the_poo_boss October 06, 2011
Were you THAT bored to search "poo"?!
person1: *yawn* I'm bored...
person2: Same...
person1: I'm gonna search poo...
person2: Seriously...
by I have no life :( July 11, 2011
Poo is used as a Suffix to someones Name when that person, being full grown and capable of taking care of themselves, still sponges off their parents or still lives with their parents.

Poo can also be used individually with reference to the same situation.
Really, you still live with your parents? You are such a poo! or Person A: "Gareth is 27 and still lives with his Parents?"Person B: "I know! He's such a Gareth-Poo!"
by Ru-perd June 02, 2011
1. Something you shit out, you can get big ones, runny ones or little pellet things (can be hard to flush). 2. Term of abuse, as in: "That Hitler was a real poo." 3. sometimes with the suffix 'f', meaning a gay man. (Shak) A poo, a poo, my kingdom for a poo. Endlessly amusing especially if you're a boy or if you spell all day long writing boring fucking dictionary definitons.
Hahahahaha, poo.
by II Sammeh II August 30, 2010
A curse word or explicit way of showing frustration without the use of overly coarse language.
"poo you," or, "oh poo"

in some cases, human beings are known to have outbursts, such as "POO," generally showing the lack of appropriate wording.
by DakkaDakka March 02, 2010

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