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An alien life form from the Star Trek books, television series and movies, origially the enemies of the Federation. Also the Klingon language, tlhIngan Hol, a constructed language (conlang) invented by Mark Okrand especially for the Star Trek movies of the 1980s and Star Trek: The Next Generation TV series.
Qapla' is how you say "goodbye" (literally "success!") in Klingon.
by LudwigVan December 19, 2003

Singular : Klingon.

Undiligent wiping of the anus post defecation causes excrement to remain on the anal follicles. Eventually the excrement will dry and form tiny spheres that attach themselves to your anal follicles.
In extreme cases the "klingons" can encompass many follicles which can make them painful to remove.

Worf: A very large "klingon".
John entered the room looking depressed.
"What's wrong John? you look so unhappy" said Mandy.
"I went to the Doctor for an anal examination this morning but I forgot to shower. He told me go home and wash the "klingons" off my butt. I was so embarrassed" said John.
"Oh John. I do love you" said Mandy.
"I love you to" said John
by Skinupman November 21, 2004
A language spoken by the klingons from star trek and also by trekies and nerds who have spent endless hours wasting there time studying it
Do you know klingon?


Wow you are such a nerd
by Titanium Benj May 24, 2010
1. Violent aliens from the various Star Trek TV shows.
2. Nerds who think they are violent aliens.
3. Poo stuck to your ass hair; dingleberries.
Q: how is the starship Enterprise like a piece of toilet paper?
A: they both circle Uranus looking for Klingons.
by Dr. Literate August 06, 2006
An honorable and warlike race, the Klingons have kicked the Romulans asses from time to time and have a language full of pwnage, otherwise known as tlhIngan Hol. The flagship of the Klingon fleet is the Negh'Var class battleship IKS QeyIIS betleH, commanded by Chancellor Martok. Get laid a LOT more than Romulans.
The Klingon wrenched his y d'k tagh out of the Romulan.
by Captain Tereth May 27, 2005
1. A well-known warrior alien race of the Star Trek universe.
2. Tiny globs of shit that cling on(hence that's why they are called "klingons") to your ass hairs after you take a dump. Also called dingleberries.
What do the Enterprise and toilet paper have in common?

They both circle Uranus searching for Klingons!

Mark H. Having fun at UrbanDictionary since February 2004.
by Mark H October 05, 2004
1. Evil race which exists in the fictional Star Trek saga.

2. Blob of faecal matter which clings onto the buttocks and/or buttock hairs. Removal is usually considerably messy.
"Watch out-that's not a melted Malteser...!"
by Mr. Stab July 19, 2004
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