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punked, taken from, ripped off.
damn got took."
by herbie February 01, 2004
(noun) a knit cap, a beanie
Hey, hoser, your took's crooked, eh?
by Billy MacCartney November 06, 2003
The repeated sound the nova gas tactical grenade makes as it comes into contact with and injures an opposing player on Call of Duty: Black Ops.
Gas out!

took, tooktook, took, took, took

Assist +40
by poserboarder January 02, 2011
to act foolishly, in a manner that one might think you are Crazy
I think that my Grandpa is Took!!
by NikkiN July 12, 2005
A word describing someone who is fat, arrogant and 1 sided. Is someone who can only see their point of view even if it is wrong.
Hitler is such a tooks
by Habibby August 29, 2006
Someone that you can't live without, the girl of your dreams and the freak of your fantasties. She is that "it" girl, independent and charming, every mother love her and all the men want her.
by Da kid Shawn November 12, 2011
A word used to describe an individual, object, place or event that is so awesome that the word awesome is an insufficient adjective.
Wow, that concert was so tooks!

Oh my word, you are TOOKS!

I got the most tooks email today.

I want to go somewhere really tooks when I'm on leave.
by TOOKSme January 21, 2011

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