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a word that commonly denotes a variable in an example syntax
the definition of %s said type "slang something" and I'm a hyper-literalist and/or wise-ass and ended up here
by hyena sparerib January 08, 2005
What is left over after wrapping both hand around your erect cock. Thats something; either you have it or you don't.
"I have something, about an inch in-a-half of something. Wanta see it?" I asked with a grin.
"What is it?" she replied.
Now she has a restaining order against me. All cause of alittle something.
by The JerkMeister May 17, 2008
Some-thing. Very simple, really. The name says it all.
Something is poking me.
by Daedalus January 07, 2004
an indescribable level of recognition, one that is innately understood between two people.
We're something, eh?
by Yueaahhh.. June 01, 2010
Something that is not yet known, but will be in the future. It is a very boring word.
Michael: "I've just found the most spoken word in the English dictionary and no one has written a meaning on Urban dicks yet!"

Sandra: "What's that?

Michael: "I'm don't know. It was something."
by Nzbud January 24, 2007
experimentation with sex positions
"We can just do somethings tonight if you cant think of anything else to do..."
by AxZess June 19, 2008
a certin undetermined or unspecified noun or verb
She really should do something about her acne.
by kissesfromcass April 03, 2007
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