An English orginating word, poo in england is used for the following terms:-
the swear word "Shit"
the brown stuff that comes out of your ass
An insult to another person e.g You are a poo
*trips over* POO!

k i will be back in a seocnd, im going for a poo

you are a poo
by Arron Bennett December 17, 2005
a term of endearment!
hey silly poo! i've missed you!

goodnite poo, i love you!
by me December 10, 2003
we all know what shit is
by ProrsumUK December 29, 2002
a product of the body
I did a poo
by duttyswagdon June 29, 2014
Aside from referring to excrement, POO can also refer to "Point of Origin." No, seriously. It took me a while to find how poo fit in those contexts too.
"The fire investigators determined the poo of the fire is from the northwest side of the hill."

"Dude what"
by Kharanos too September 27, 2013
Were you THAT bored to search "poo"?!
person1: *yawn* I'm bored...
person2: Same...
person1: I'm gonna search poo...
person2: Seriously...
by I have no life :( July 11, 2011
Poo is used as a Suffix to someones Name when that person, being full grown and capable of taking care of themselves, still sponges off their parents or still lives with their parents.

Poo can also be used individually with reference to the same situation.
Really, you still live with your parents? You are such a poo! or Person A: "Gareth is 27 and still lives with his Parents?"Person B: "I know! He's such a Gareth-Poo!"
by Ru-perd June 02, 2011

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