A jehovah's witness, especially any of the door to door solicitors
Those fucking j bags came right while I was in the middle of taking a shit!
by MrMojoRisin' October 23, 2007
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nickname from Jordan Thomas Cooper for Dubya appointee Amanda Makki, Esq.
AM-UNODIR was the highest ranking Iranian-American female in the Army during Dubya’s administration and the Army is the largest branch of the armed forces.
by Coop Dupe March 18, 2020
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A girl who is very determined to get what she desires. Semaya is EXTREMELY smart and beautiful. At times she may doubt herself but has her friends around her to help. Semaya can shy but once you get to know her she is very funny and has a lot of personality to her. Semaya always has a personal opinion and stands with it. While Semaya may have her friends she is very independent and knows how to get things done on her own. Semaya gives respect to the people that deserve it and isn't afraid to tell you what she thinks. Overall Semaya is a very beautiful person.
Wow, Semaya is really smart

Oh yeah, Semaya? She can handle it herself!

That Semaya is so beautiful!
by Tsudae July 12, 2017
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a mf that simps for fyodor Ranpo and yosano and loves bsd 🀞🏻😍🀞🏻
by u don’t know me lol June 20, 2021
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An adjective used to describe hiding aggressive intentions and actions with seemingly non aggressive intentions and actions.

An often misused and misunderstood term.
Mike- "Hey Rob can you help me paint the bathroom"?

Rob- "Sure Mike. I'd love to".

If Rob intentionally did a sloppy job because he didn't like Mike or didn't want to paint, it would be passive aggressive.
by nostawk March 15, 2010
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A snirthday is a snowy birthday, so "happy snirthday" means have a happy snowy birthday.
It's snowing so much on your birthday, so Happy Snirthday!
by csa99 February 05, 2014
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I think I love her bro
Bitch love is fake
Tru you right
by Itsbritaneybitch January 20, 2018
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