The act of rubbing ones clothed male genitals on the person of someone else without their knowledge.
Ew! That weird guy just came up and peened my leg while I was dancing!

Ugh, peening is so gross.
by Al and the Lu man August 18, 2011
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Alexis, more commonly known as Lexi, is a very mean person. She is an attention seeking, psychotic bitch who hangs out with people who hate her. If you ever meet a Lexi, run in the opposite direction.
Yo, did you hear that girl Alexis transferred to our school? I think I might transfer now.
by Alexis69420 November 15, 2019
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A situation in which a person is receiving verbal or nonverbal cues that seem to contradict each other, from another person. Typical reactions to this behavior are confusion, anger, and a willingness to cease communication with the person.
A friend tells you he wants to remain "just friends," and then proceeds to call you every day, text message you twice a day, and express how much he misses you on a regular basis.
by Matt April 09, 2005
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1. Extreme happiness.

2. A simple form of laughter.
"Hee! I've had the best birthday ever!"
by karmagirl November 16, 2003
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When someone is being a heat bag or douche.
caitland: " Tori you're a real kucy pan"
Tori: "wtf? im no kucy pan.
by Torland June 23, 2008
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When someone cant quiet make it to the toilet.
Also known as a shart.
"Boy what stinks mary did you fart?"
"No i just did a nicker fritz"
by Sharron and Simone June 26, 2006
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Some shit hole in South east Ohio I think? No clue, never googled it. But I do know its full of bad memories and false hopes. It seems every guy in Logan's name is Cliff. They just add "nots" to the front of them based on pecking order. "Hey Karen, have you seen not not Cliff?" Anyways, just don't go there. If you do, say high to Cliff for me. I know this girl Danielle that will show you her boobs for a pack of menthol cigarettes. Holler at your boy -Chris
Me: Yo Sarah I heard they came looking for you in Logan Ohio the other day?
Sarah: Word
Me: Bust it
by Lisamarshall420 October 15, 2018
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