The name of the hardest, most intense game in the whole world. Any skilled Uno master deserves respect.
person: I wish I was an Uno Master!
by iEatSpam June 27, 2018
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what happens after playing Uno:

"You were supposed to use a reverse, not a wild card, Carl!"

"I hate you, Jack!"

"Well, those two have ended their friendship."
by Your Local Weirdo March 24, 2020
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The magical word required to say before you die or you live for 2 more years
"DAD!... NO!"
"oh it's fine now"
by ItsJayJack July 25, 2018
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-An old card game
-The beginning of a song like 1,2,3...
I was playing Uno with some friends while one of the began a song by saying Uno, dos, tres...
by for you to decide July 6, 2003
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Tc McNeill from salem high school in rockdale county Georgia
by Anonymous February 27, 2003
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A subtle way, usually used by men, to indicate an attractive woman in the vicinity without being caught.
UNO, 3 o'clock. Check out the Uno at the copy machine. I'd like to play Uno with her.
by FrayedEnds/MexanBlood October 20, 2009
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A person that looks good from a distance and makes you say, "Ooooh" but when you get closer and their ugliness comes into clear view you yell, "hell NO!!!"
So I was about to go holla at this fine dime I saw at the bar but she ended up being a straight up Uno, and was like damn girl you gonna have to find a dude with some strong beer goggles before anyone takes your fugly ass home tonight.
by Hans Delbrook December 28, 2010
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