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A beautiful person , that you can always trust who will be there for a person when there down on their weakest moments . The type that will fight for a friend in need .
Zorie is a amazing and true fully person
by True.Face May 24, 2018
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Zorie is a kinky freak , but overall she is just nice and caring to the ones she love . She might pop off on somebody at moments but it’s always a reason behind why it happens . She always helps a person in need , or a person who’s struggling . She is a BIG SEX ADDICT and she loves to talk freaky to people . Most of the time if you know a Zorie she has a small circle and she is very quiet from the outside but a loud talker on the inside . She fights when needed and is quickly to knock a bitch out if needed . She loves sex 24/7 but more likely to want to get oral than to give . Overall Zorie is a nice , sweet , caring , bad ass , sexy , cute , funny , loving person. But SHE HAS LIMITS THAT COULD BE PUSHED
Zorie is a sexy ass sex addict but I like eating it up .
by Unknown.FREAKK May 20, 2019
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