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Really obnoxious word for pizza, that no self-respecting person uses.
Next person to call it za is getting kicked in their nis.
by Alex Stockwell May 17, 2007
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The only two-letter word containing the letter Z; invented by Scrabble players in order to capitalize on that letter's high point-value.
A: Ha! Look at my bingo: ZODIACS! Since the Z is on the double-letter box and the A is on the triple-word box, I get 87 points for the word, plus a fifty-point bonus for using all my tiles, giving me a total of 137 points for this turn.

B: Pshaw! I could've done it too. You just got lucky.

A: Wait a minute! I also get an additional 21 points for ZA, which raises the grand total to 158 points!

B: Egad! If I had any say in the matter, "ZA" never would have been admitted into the Scrabble dictionary! Who the heck actually uses the word?

A: I just did.
by Sweelinck July 20, 2009
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The international abbreviation and internet top level domain for South Africa. The "Z" derives from "Zuid-Afrika", which is the Dutch name for the country, as Dutch was (with English) the official language of South Africa until Afrikaans superseded it in the 1920s. (The Afrikaans word is "Suid-Afrika", and .sa would seem far more logical, however, this abbreviation has subsequently been used for Saudi Arabia).
Most South African websites end in
by adals October 11, 2009
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ZA stands for Zuid Afrika. It Is dutch for South Africa. We have to use this cause Sudi Arabia clamed SA the dicks.
What is ZA??? Its South Afica cuz
by #That Guy# April 23, 2008
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An exclamation of surprise or confusion used in context similar to β€œWhat the heck”.
β€œLook! I dyed my hair purple!”
β€œZa?! Why?!”
by coyotedomino March 02, 2018
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