zia is the most beautiful person on planet earth. she’s so stunning, ethereal, adorable and overall the best person to ever exist on the entire planet. she will make you smile the absolute widest, she will make you laugh the loudest, and she’ll make you feel loved and welcomed. you don’t deserve her, but yet she is always by your side no matter what
i love zia so much she’s the cutest baby angel
by iloveziasomuch September 11, 2018
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meaning is light. In urdu zia and in arabic dia.
zia ul haq (president of pakistan)
zia ur rahman (president of bangladesh)
by Jamaluddin July 13, 2005
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hey where did you find your nevermind deluxe edition cd?
I got it at zia.
by the wallhoe March 27, 2022
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A horny sucker

Who pretends to be male but is gay
U are a fucking zia
by Hypotropism June 2, 2019
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zia is not a nice person, she doesn’t care about anything but herself and she’s the most disgusting person ever. if you meet a zia, don’t trust her.
zia is a hoe
by ziahater March 14, 2022
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Zia is a loving sweet girl who always has her mind others and hates people making fun of her she has 1 crush that she will always stick with and she hates being in REALLY BIG crowns she is normal very tall and is very cute she can have a sexy side and a funny side but if you get on her bad side she will hurt you and not regret it
Boy 1: Wow, she is absolutely a Zia
Boy 2: That's her name as well
Boy 1: She's banging
by Bubblegum_Fleabag October 31, 2018
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