Bas ass motherfucker that is dope and will wreck your shit when SHE get pissed.
"Zia is so fucking dope"

"but don't get on her bad side, I once stole her cookie and she broke my pinkie."
by mutherfrickensugarcookie February 20, 2015
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meaning is light. In urdu zia and in arabic dia.
zia ul haq (president of pakistan)
zia ur rahman (president of bangladesh)
by Jamaluddin July 12, 2005
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The most sexy motherfucker you will ever meet, usually weird and nice at the same time. He is an amazing boyfriend and will treat you like a princess at all times, he also likes brunettes, at times blondes, and will always be the joker in the crowd!
What the hell is Zia doing on top of that flag pole?
by Zia K March 29, 2013
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