adj; Often a person of African origin, usually a nerdy Warcraft player who displays the utmost nerdiness whilst keeping his brown complexion.
Zia: Hi, i'm Zia and I pwn you in WoW
Person from Montana: Wow?
Zia: World of Warcraft you NOOB!
Person from Montana: You're such a nerd you nerd
by Word of Mouf Crew October 27, 2006
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A big dumbass πŸ’€
Kid #1: you know that dude in the back?
Kid #2: you mean Zias?
Kid#1: yeah! He’s a dumbass
Zias: why you bully me 😒

by Em2022 October 14, 2018
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Zia is a freak that has weird eyes and has no life
Me:Omg look at her eye

Friends:Yeh why are they so far apart
Me:That is deffo a Zia bro
by AlanaH33 February 16, 2019
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one who engages in activities of inappropriateness it a male family member. THis can either be a calling and suggests that such activities go on with this person.
no , i hate Zia's
via giphy
by Flava11343 May 09, 2018
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Zias is a very athletic and funny dude. Sometimes he can be a real jerk but he always gets over it and always forgives your mistakes. He is someone you can talk to about everything and is always concerned about sports. He is someone that you can roast each other and not get butthurt. Zias does not give up on a girl if he has his eyes on her. He will do anything for her once he knows she’s the one.
Broooo did u see Zias hit the homerun???
Yo Zias didn’t give up on Rachel yet???
by DANCER.doode March 31, 2018
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