One of the most influential metalcore bands of our time. They do NOT get nearly enough credit or spotlight, and exceed most bands in musicianship, songwriting, and live performance.
"Dude! Funeral of God is freakin' awesome!"

"Burn it down and walk away."
by xRisingCindersx August 7, 2004
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The best and greatest band of its genre. Stirs up deadly moshes in its wake and has been home to the greatest drummer of all time, Jesse Smith.
bombs rain dow like heavens tears,the earth shall die and dissapear, and today we wish the sky was grey, for now theyre just black and empty.
ripped and torn from inside out, things too dark to think about, no miracles, no bleeding bands, God has parted
and when the end she comes, rains down on everyone, fire from the sky, and when the end she rides, breathing suicide, life and death are one
as a flame burns to touch the sky, so it shall be with mans cry, and this nigt will pass away, and this night we shall die as one
by villagePOUNCER September 10, 2004
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One of the founders of metalcore and possibly the most experienced and talented to date. NOT A CHRISTIAN BAND!!! zao hasnt been identified as christian since their first singer for all dumbshits who call them christian metal. "where blood and fire brings rest" is the most deep, badass shit ever recorded :)
zao was interviewed and said expressly they only use christian metal as a concept they decided NOT to go with.
by steviesteve13 October 28, 2011
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A great christian band. It is often a subject of debate of which genre they belong in, which would depend on which vocalist you are talking about. Zao has had, if I am not mistaken, 4 vocalists. I dont't know the name of their original vocalist but the 2nd was Shawn Jonas, then Daniel Weyandt(current voaclist), then for a while Dan left and they had Corey Darst for touring and demos. They used to be hardcore, but with vocalist Dan Weyandt it is now closer to MetalCore/Grindcore/Death Metal-whatever you call it, it's some good shit. Some people say they arent christian anymore, but they still are. Up until their most recent release, The Funeral of God, they were on christian hardcore label Solid State. Their 2002 album, "Parade of Chaos", was said to be their final release, but of course that wasn't true. The Funeral of God, which was released July 13, 2004 on Ferret Music in the US/Canada amd July 12, 2004 on Roadrunner Records in Europe, has some of the most excellent and vivid lyrics ever. Zao also has no original memeber, which i guess means they arent the same band, but the lineup changes happened so gradually they still seem to be Zao. They also sound very similar to Carcass. And don't skip on them because they are christian theyre fucking awesome!
Former vocalist of Zao Shawn Jonas has an excellent band called Symphony In Peril.
by Liberate te ex Inferis September 25, 2004
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A greek word meaning "Alive" or "A living thing." In the Bible, the word is used to refer to someone who is saved and now has eternal life.

Regarding the Chrisian band called Zao, they took that word as their name for this reason, that they are born-again Christians (at least all the original members were). The album "Alive is Dead" was meant to be their final album, and the name has the hidden meaning. Literally, Zao is dead.
He cried out to God for salvation and he recieved zao.
by ____________ May 2, 2005
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Zao is another word for gay sex.
Zao is gay sex.

"Those guys like to zao a lot."
by Zao is gay June 3, 2005
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an asian who looks caucasian, rare type of asian usually found in Wisconsin
That yellow lady's skin is so light, I almost thought she was a pang zao!
by makemesomesweetlovn January 26, 2011
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