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A great christian band. It is often a subject of debate of which genre they belong in, which would depend on which vocalist you are talking about. Zao has had, if I am not mistaken, 4 vocalists. I dont't know the name of their original vocalist but the 2nd was Shawn Jonas, then Daniel Weyandt(current voaclist), then for a while Dan left and they had Corey Darst for touring and demos. They used to be hardcore, but with vocalist Dan Weyandt it is now closer to MetalCore/Grindcore/Death Metal-whatever you call it, it's some good shit. Some people say they arent christian anymore, but they still are. Up until their most recent release, The Funeral of God, they were on christian hardcore label Solid State. Their 2002 album, "Parade of Chaos", was said to be their final release, but of course that wasn't true. The Funeral of God, which was released July 13, 2004 on Ferret Music in the US/Canada amd July 12, 2004 on Roadrunner Records in Europe, has some of the most excellent and vivid lyrics ever. Zao also has no original memeber, which i guess means they arent the same band, but the lineup changes happened so gradually they still seem to be Zao. They also sound very similar to Carcass. And don't skip on them because they are christian theyre fucking awesome!
Former vocalist of Zao Shawn Jonas has an excellent band called Symphony In Peril.
by Liberate te ex Inferis September 24, 2004

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A good grindcore band that throws punk and thrash into their music. Band has no bass player, and the members are as follows:
Scott Hull: guitar
Brian Harvey: drums
JR Hayes: vocals
They have released 4 discs:
Painter of Dead Girls EP
38 Counts of Battery
Prowler in the Yard
Their most recent disc terrifyer has 21 tracks in just 32 minutes(welcome to the world of grind)and also includes a 37 minute audio DVD titled "Natasha".
"The bullet hole looks so right in your head like it's been missing all along..."
-from Restraining Order Blues
by Liberate te ex inferis November 14, 2004

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The incorrect way to spell screamo.
s-c-r-e-a-m-o is a genre of music.
by Liberate te ex Inferis March 05, 2005

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Show that shows the same videos from the shittiest metalcore bands in the world over and over again for 8 minutes, followed by 9 minutes of comemercials,followed by 8 more minutes of shit, 9 minutes of commercials for 2 damn hours. videos interrupted by that faggot jamey jasta (who deserves to die,considering hatebreed is shitty). sometimes they play a good video or two, but i usually get bored with all that shadows fall and unearth they play in a constant loop and change it before anything good comes on.
just download your own music videos, and cut out the shit.
by Liberate te ex Inferis March 03, 2005

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A chaotic comical pornogrind band. their latest cd had 10 tracks and clocked in at just 11 minutes. This band is awesome in small doses, but will will give you a serious mindfuck if listened to for too long.
i dont give a shit about wood, im not a chemist!
by Liberate te ex Inferis October 11, 2004

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Insane extreme metal band that some dipshits at epic records thought would fare really well among an audience who think slipknot is the heaviest shit in the world.
at least they didnt totally sell out and actually sing.
by Liberate te ex Inferis October 10, 2004

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A metal show on MTV2. The shis pretty formuliac: Shadows Fall video, Unearth video, 9 minutes of commercials, 8 more minutes of atreyu/avenged sevenfold. 9 more minutes of commercials, shitty videos interrupted by Jamey jatsa (who deserves to die, considering Hatebreed is so shitty), an eighteen visions video, then more commercials, then another unearth video, etc. Sometimes they actually show good videos, but its usually those shitty watered down metalcore bands. I usually get tired before a good video comes on and i change it.
dont watch it, seriously.
by Liberate te ex Inferis March 06, 2005

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