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A slang in Pakistan for educated youth idiots who blindly follow their leader (Imran Khan PTI) and create stupid justification for his all wrong doings and U-turns on his statement.
Don't argue with him, he is a youthia
by Khan09 August 02, 2018
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An urban term in Pakistani (country) politics where people or group of people are attached to the phenomenon that their government is not performing well enough and only a massive & sporadic change can make a difference.

Usually, youthias do not read news paper and derive their political understanding from social media and follow Imran Khan (Not his party PTI) for political aspiration. The world is also coming up to replace the word (chutia - unjabi dialect for a pussy)
bilal: hey man who you gonna think ali gonna vote for,
Usman: hey man he is a youthia, you expect any sanity from him?? he will vote the next goon associated with PTI
by Aamram October 31, 2017
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Youthia or yothia is a Greek word, means BEHNOYEE in urdu.
This guy is my Youthia , I mean he is my sister's husband.
by Tiger5566 May 19, 2019
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A person belongs to group of dis-illousioned people who believe in a certain individual to be their saviour and are unable to hear or tolerate any criticism, no matter how factual it is.
No matter what you gonna say, this youthia is insisting that earth is flat because khan said so
by Ab_username August 27, 2018
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A slang in Pakistan for a miseducated person who take his sister to political gathering for dance.
Abc : I am going to Imran's dharna with my sister , She is fan of IK.

Xyz: Means you are youthia
by YouthiyonDiBehanDaBanda August 03, 2018
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Youthia is group of uneducated people who always support illegal activities to destabilize the democratic process. They always support anti democratic Leader who always lick shoes of Military to become Prime Minister.
John is Youthia because he supports anti democratic activities
by William Youthia October 03, 2018
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A slang in Pakistan for educated and conscionable youth who follow ideology of their beloved leader (Muhammad Ali Jinnah - Muslim League) and (Imran Khan PTI) and exposes their rivals mentality to general public.

The matter of fact is; the majority of Pakistani Youth and well-educated people support PTI which tease its opponents / rivals a lot. So, they call them Youthia.

However the word youthia is not used in any newspaper and Television because it’s a slang word which can’t be used on national television and newspapers. This word is commonly and frequently used on social media and blogging sites.

Opponents think of youthias as immature and blind supporters of Imran Khan and believe that the political approach of youthias is unrealistic. But now their negative thinking are gradually changed after Khan's USA trip in July 2019.
Mahmood now gain good sense of political knowledge. Its show that he is going to become youthia very soon.

Sajid is Youthia as he can easily differentiate right and wrong.
by Muhammad Arsalan Ahmed July 26, 2019
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