A threat on someones life made by another.
Person 1: I will kill you if you don't give me a hug.
Person 2: Okay okay... Death threat much...
by Silth November 04, 2013
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an very useless statement unless its someone you randomly come across ( in real life, not the internet) then you should fear your life (now im fearing my life lol)
DEATH THREAT: in the internet: you better not delay the game or else you wont be publishing the game
in real life: alright, you better pay up, or else we WILL find a way to make you pay up
by someone else thats not u February 05, 2021
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An act in which someone makes a statement towards your person in a way that directly gives notice of death to come soon into your life from that person without actually mentioning they are going to kill you
The sergeant just called me and said I need to write 20 tickets in this exact spot within the next half an hour or else my ass is grass. That’s the 12th death threat in the last 2 days!
by What ha happened was.... February 21, 2018
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Something that so many people apparently do, but I doubt it.
KYS is not a death threat MM.
Dude1 and the inteternet "Kill yourself"
Dude0 "Wow, are those death threats?"
Dude1 "Oh no, it's retarded."
by DollmakerHans December 27, 2018
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