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the brains of a car sound system and serves as the input for your music sources, works better when you connect up a few amplifiers and subwoofers to crank the volume and bass to make everyone else hate you and to get girls attention by driving by with it at max volume and if you have a over powerd sound system in ur car you will be the coolest kid in school and you can make your friends jealous of you, car sound systems are fucking rad.
spoiled teenager girl with unlimited mobile data: have you heard of the radical dude with his op car stereo
other spoiled teenager girl with unlimited mobile data: and he has a radical head unit connected up to amps

Radical Dude with op car stereo: walks past drinking red bull
by Elevators115 June 1, 2021
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something old people fuck over all the time and get pissed off about
teenager 1: listens to loud music on his Bluetooth boombox/speaker


teenager 2: turns on his boombox and says oh yeah u said what u wanted to say now piss off


teenager 3: peace is soooooo boring music is radical

teenager 4: agreed
by Elevators115 March 20, 2021
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a funny but unofficial name for the public transport company Metlink
Let's take the Metstink train to wellington
by Elevators115 July 20, 2021
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a party where people come with a device with lots of music to hook up to a house sound system and play loud music to piss off the neighbours and stay up all night with the help of a lot of caffeine and junk food, also the music is very loud and annoying to old people because in the party there is a lot of teenagers that stay up for a fucking long time
time to piss off the neighbours and fill the fridge with tons of energy drinks by having a mp3 party all night.
by Elevators115 March 19, 2021
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that stupid dum ass WI-FI that you use to search up pointless shit for six hours it's slow as fuck and blocks just about everything
school Internet is so shit so that's why i dont go to school cus of shit wifi
by Elevators115 February 24, 2021
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a person who is 13 to 19 years old
Likes to listen to loud music using thier big Bluetooth speaker just about every where they go and cares about looks and other shit
old woman 1: Teenagers these days, looking at their phones everywhere
old woman 2: agreed
by Elevators115 February 25, 2021
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