Yuyu is an amazing person..she is one of the bestest friend you'll will always want. She's beautiful & really gorgeous yuyu will always be there for you..she's really funny,crazy,weird & fun to hang out with..she's really smart kind..loving and super nice. She doesn't judge others because she knows that no one is perfect. Yuyu is not shy to stand up for her friends and for who she is. She has big dreams in her future.

She's the best!!!
Friend 1: who is she?
Friend 2: That's a yuyu my friend :)))
by Estos.feelings January 21, 2018
Person: Yuyu? You mean Jeong Yunho from ateez-
by Peachysani November 20, 2020
The best person to ever exist. They are the sweetest person, kind, and super funny. Also very cute. They know how to make people feel special and are amazing at comforting people when they’re upset. They can make anyone’s day infinitely better. They deserve the entire world and more. This definition can’t even fully explain how amazing they are.
I love Yuyu so much.
by N3XX0 December 7, 2022
its a Filipino-slang term for "i love you".
by Farrah Marasigan February 13, 2009
yuyu is a great person to be friends with, he/she are very cool and easy to get along with . he/she is great at talking and sometimes wise. he/she is very very kind and sweet. yuyu is a caring person even if the don't always show it. he/she is very weird and sometimes awkward. and when it comes to love he/she will love you for a very long time and will never cheat or want to leave you.
yuyu will be yuyu and that will never end
by kibbleloves December 14, 2021
yuyu is someone who usually screams at his/her friends and swear at them when s/he disagrees with someone. yuyu can also mean a beast as when s/he gets mad, s/he is like a beast.
karmen: oh no leanne is being a yuyu today D:
by lolitzchoco April 14, 2008
An Yujin fandom name. They are clingy, cool, passionate, dramatic, paranoid, and mostly single. They are friendly but you need to do the first move they are quite shy and awkward but funny and sweet when you get close to them just like an yujin. Don't mess with them especially if its involved yujin, they have the whole receipt and have no mercy to drag you down to hell.
Yujin post something minute ago and there's yuyus being dramatic over missing her like its fckin year ago
by yuyu_zero June 13, 2022