The largest inland port in California, well known for holding the record for the highest violent crime rate per capita, two years running. Home to the University of the Pacific, the Ports (baseball team), and more police cars than an OJ Simpson car chase.
college student 1: Hey did you hear hear about that triple homicide down by the port?

college student 2: Yeah man! Wicked. Stockton definitely blows ass fasho.
by onesemesterleft April 26, 2007
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A fairly decent little town, with an exceptionally high crime rate, and probably the drug capital of the state. SF and Santa Cruz have more stoners per capita than Stockton, but we've got twice the amount of crackheads, heroin addicts, coke fiends, and meth heads than anyone. For the most part though, so long as you stay away from the south side and schools like bear creek, franklin, or stagg, you'll be ok. The University of the Pacific is Stockton's local university, and surprisingly one of the best universities in the country. Stockton is also home to St. Mary's, a school that is full of primarily wealthy white people, however the racial balance of the school has shifted to primarily black over the last few years, which is weird because finding a wealthy black guy in stockton is like finding a poor jew in Florida. Although I went there, and I'm poor as shit, so i suppose you dont need too much money. In any case, Stockton also is home to one of the largest inland trading ports in the country, even though our main export is asparagus, go figure right? It is also impossible to live in Stockton and not be a little bit racist. Whites dont feel safe due to the large number of drug fiends and general thiefs that are black, and black people dont feel safe because of the corrupt white police officers. Asians and Mexicans just sort of float around the middle, generally talking shit on "the man" until 13 black guys jump them for being in the wrong area of town, then they go running to the police for help.

Thats right, I just said all of that.

Alot of people from the Bay Area decided that drugs that fuck up your mind and body were cool, and created the Hyphie movement about 30 years ago, which has now reached Stockton and the majority of high school kids have bought into it, having no idea what they are doing. This is partly what surged Stockton's crime rate, was the majority of bay area rappers and gang members that were drawn to Stockton for its current level of shittiness and decided to make it even worse.

However, beneath all the turmoil Stockton is a fairly creative town, giving birth to many up and coming music artists such as Icarus Jones, The Second String Quintet, The Guitanos, Greyspace, DJ noshame, and more. The Hip Hop scene in recent years has exploded with a flurry of incredibly talented artists who take hip hop back to what it used to be. Back when lyricism and message mattered more than bitches and ho's. For the most part, Stockton is a very historic and culturally rich city, with much to offer for those looking for talent and beauty, but as stated before, just stay the hell away from the south side.
guy on stage: Who out here is from stockton tonight! i am!

woman in audience: thats nothing to be proud of!

guy on stage: its nothing to be ashamed of either!
by King K. Rool August 7, 2008
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its not a part of the bay, its the valley....a place known for high crime rate and low cost of living...a place not as bad as outsiders think, just don't go where your not welcome or have no business, and if u look scared for bein somewhere, some1 might pick up in it. Basically just stick to your own devices and you should be gravy.
Stockton is not the bay, even though bay area culture is big out here.

Stockton is gettin bigger...look out Bakersfield where catchin up to you
by TheSweatyMexican August 4, 2008
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#1 In Home Foreclosure, Most Illiterate City & Ranked By Forbes as "Most Miserable City in the US." #2 In Crime Rate after Sacramento and Modesto. #3 In car theft. Ranked by Forbes as The 5th Most Dangerous City in the US. Yeah, okay, we might be "bad" and infamous but we have good stuff too. If you live here then you know. If you don't live here then you don't know. If you think its a crappy place to live, fine. You are entitled to your opinion. But, why the f*ck did you look this up if thats whats you think? Ask yourself THAT, a**hole. =) Have a Great Day.
Stkn Resident: "209 til I Die."

Outside: "Nah man, Stockton's whack."

Stkn Resident: "Fuck up and fuck out then."
by CoconutBanana April 7, 2010
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The act of taking multiple loads, during anal sex from as many strangers as possible, before birthing and eating something with the consistency of a yeast loaf.
"Did you see all those dudes Stockton that power bottom last night!?" "Yeah, they turned his asshole into a windsock!"
by Mtheory00 April 25, 2020
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One of the sweetest, funniest guys you'll meet. He's shy but once you get to know him, he will rock your world. He's a heartbreaker. He's cute but mysterious. He loves sports. Stockton's are competitive when it comes to sports, but that's what makes them cute.
Person 1: I think i'm in love!
Person 2: With who?
Person 1: Stockton!
Person 2: Stockton is a great guy!
by saucierbytheminute December 25, 2019
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A man that has an absurdly long face who is renown for having a heavy scent of gfuel coming from his clothes. He has a very small penis and loves to suck cock. He has sucked many cocks in his time as he is a magnet to all men due to his aesthetically pleasing long face. However, he does have a preference for people called Charlie, Ian and Connor, so u boys better be ready because the long faced man is coming for your dick.
Bro u gotta take a shower, i can smell the scent of Stockton.
by TheBigBlackNigger September 22, 2022
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