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Raden is a fucking alpha male who is superior to everyone else. He's tall as fuck, built as fuck, and hot as fuck. All straight girls are sexually attracted to him as soon as they set their eyes upon him, and all males want to be his subordinate because he is so badass. Raden would fuck anyone up in a physical fight or a battle of wits, and every male and female in his vicinity is immediately submissive to him. He has an IQ reported to be above that of William James Sidis. He completes all tests and exams in schools like Harvard in under half a second. His physical feats are bar none, as well, being superior to Olympic athletes. One of the multiple badass Radens once challenged Jon Jones to a friendly fight under MMA rules, and absolutely decimated him by TKO in the first round. Another older Raden balled out LeBron James when they were both teenagers, in a friendly 1 on 1 match. Raden does not make an overly large deal about all his feats, though, and is reported to be extremely humble unless you fuck with him. He is no god or extreme superhuman, he is but a common male that happens to be superior to other males.
Anyone named Raden is automatically like this

Raden: *Makes a faggot kid's girl wet with his simple presence*
Faggot kid: *Thinks "What a fucking asshole" in his head, but not saying it in real life*
Raden: *Reads faggot kid's mind* "What the fuck did you think little bitch?"
Faggot kid: "Uh-uh... sorry dawg u can fuck my girlfriend while her family and I watch"
Raden: "Don't dishonor them like that, pathetic fuck!" *Destroys faggot kid with his pinky finger*

Raden: *Walks into a professional female volleyball game*
Volleyball girl Janelle: "Holy fuck, look at that 10/10 hot ass dude in the third row!"
Volleyball girl Kassandra: "Shiiit, lets all leave the fucking game to try get some of that dick!"
Volleyball girls: *Both teams escape to the seats, proceeding to ask for autographs from Raden*
Raden: "I'm only going to have intercourse with four of you. Let me make my decision."
by lilzor October 21, 2019
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Hot girls who age slowly, which is good because a 38 year old Asian girl will look young as 25. Their breasts or butt are not flat, they are average. They will cook good food for you and are faithful, but they will break up with you the moment you cheat on them, as they are not stupid. Better than the typical white or black girl, equal to the typical Latino girl.
Vin The Jock: Hey I am breaking up with you, Tenissa.
Tenissa The White Girl: Why?!?!
Vin The Jock: Because you are a slut and I prefer Asian girls.
by lilzor July 10, 2016
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A type of dick that some hot girls don't try. However, for the few hot girls that try it, it is an experience they will never forget. After they get some Chinese dick on the bed, they never go back to black or white dick again.
After Kristen sucked Kailzo's Chinese dick, she rejected all black and white men and lusted after ONLY Chinese dick.
by lilzor June 28, 2016
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An electronic scale to define how good looking a female is. It is very offensive, so please don't use it unless your targeted female allows you to (wife, girlfriend, sister, cousin, friend, etc.). No decimals, only 10 numbers, 1-10. To check how good looking your targeted female is, place the scale on her body (anywhere) and wait for results. I recommend the latest models such as the Apple iDetectBeauty or the Microsoft Feminine 2 for the best accuracy. Works best as 100% battery. 1-10 Female attractiveness scale),s detect every part of a woman's body, the proportion of it, and how delectable it is, including the "sexual parts," face, eyes, hair, legs, arms, nose, lips, stomach, etc. Only more expensive models detect clothes. "1-10 Female attractiveness scale" is the traditional, non-electronic way, while "1-10 Female attractiveness scale)," is what I am defining right now.
1-10 Female attractiveness scale),
0: ERROR...Male
1: Disgusting
2: Hideous
3: Ugly
4: Unattractive
5: Plain
6: Presentable
7: Pretty
8: Attractive
9: Beautiful
10: Gorgeous
11: ERROR...Perfect

"Hot" and "Sexy" are 8.5s, while "Cute" is a 6.5, but as I said: no decimals.
by lilzor November 27, 2016
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8 can have a lot of definitions, more than 1,000. The most common is r8 8/8.
"gr8 m8 no d-b8 i r8 it an 8 i h8 2 b in an ir8 st8 but its my f8

hey m8 i apreci8 that u r8 it gr8 u wanna d8 and mayb masturb8 i can ask n8 and we can meet at the g8 dont b l8

gr8 b8 m8 i r8 it an 8/8 plz don't h8

gr8 b8 m8 cant even h8 so I r8 8 outta 8

Gr8 b8 m8. I rel8, str8 appreci8, and congratul8. I r8 this b8 an 8/8. Plz no h8., I'm str8 ir8. Cre8 more, can't w8. We should convers8, I won't ber8."
by lilzor July 19, 2016
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The tiers of physical attraction, usually used by men to rate women. It goes from 1-10, but the highest is a 9.5, although 9.5s are very rare. The lowest is a 1.5, which are very rare too.
The Beauty Tiers:
1.5- Deformed
2- Disfigured
3- Hideous
4- Ugly
5- Plain
6- Pretty
7- Sexy
8- Hot
9- Beautiful
9.5- Gorgeous
by lilzor July 11, 2016
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kids that are local to their area because they are poor to move out and they get bullied by non local kids, usually of the Native Indian or Pacific Islander race
Kimbo: Wassup John dude?
John: Shut your local boy ass, cuz I gonna kick it
by lilzor July 13, 2016
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