A Copland is a person (usually male) who performs acts of a sexual nature with vegetation, especially shrubs or trees. In many cases Coplands have been observed to form an emotional bond to a favoured plant, often talking to it or staying to cuddle after the sex act is complete.

There is increasing evidence that becoming a Copland may be linked to being ginger.

Whilst not actually illegal being a Copland is discouraged in most cultures.
'Did you hear about the guy who had to be treated for splinters in his penis'

'Yeah apparently he's a Copland'
by thinner than Seymour February 02, 2010
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a word used for a person with great looks who can perform amazing sexual feats
"wow you were great last night, a real copland"
by TheHumanDickshunary May 24, 2017
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Melba Copland secondary school is pretty much hell in a nutshell. It is a school in the Canberra region and a common place for eshays. If you know about Melba Copland Secondary School, Dont go there
Your as bad As Melba Copland Secondary School!
by WiseManRobert March 12, 2020
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