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Yorkie, a nickname given to a breed of dog called a Yorkshire Terrier.
by lordpestilence January 15, 2005
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Yorkie is the nickname for Yorkshire Terriers, a small breed of dog. Yorkies are of the toy category, weighing usually anywhere from 5 to 7 pounds. They often have a long, black and tan coat. These dogs do not shed and are excellent for owners with allergies.

Yorkies are usually very intelligent dogs, although they can be dominant. Yorkies make excellent lap dogs, but they will want plenty of attention and most are very dependant on their owners.

Sidney adopted the cutest Yorkie from the SPCA yesterday, he always loved Yorkshire Terriers.
by Miss Misfit March 08, 2007
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A special breed of resident from the town of York, Pennsylvania. Not all people who are born and raised in York are Yorkies, and not all Yorkies were born in York. This person truly embodies everything that is wrong with this inbred hick town. A Yorkie is generally overweight, bordering on obesity, though some are bone rail thin due to the ever so popular "crystal meth diet". The men do not have drivers licenses, due to numerous DUI charges. Women who do not have at least one child by the age of 19 are thought to be infertile, as birth control is a foreign concept to Yorkies. Yorkies tend to have multiple children by multiple partners. Camouflage is not just for hunting apparel, but is appropriate for formal wear to Yorkies. Yorkies have a very small-town mentality and do not trust "foreigners" which includes anyone who is not originally from York, and tend to stay in groups comprised of other Yorkies. Yorkies are not well educated and they know this, but they do not seem to care.
"Damn! I don't understand how I keep getting pregnant? My cousin said you can't get pregnant if the girl's on top, cuz of gravity and stuff!"
"You stupid Yorkie!"

"For my wedding, I want my girls in satin camo dresses, the guys in camo tuxes, and i'm wearing a Mossy Oak gown! The reception's BYOB at my mom's, but we're roasting a pig!"
"Sounds like a fine Yorkie affair!"
by TuttiPopp April 09, 2010
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Yorkie (YOH'RKI)- a female, usually tends to travel in packs of three, who come to parties, kickbacks and other social gatherings and causes drama. They may try and spit stupid game at you to get your alcohol, bud, dignity, or do all this for a ride home. Yorkies are very annoying and skanky and are usually just dumb hoes.
Alex: Hey Ted, that bitch Heather is such a yorkie, watch out...

Ted: tell me about it... she drank my vodka and didn't even suck me off.
by Alex The Russian June 07, 2006
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Vermin the cat kills. A dog that would be pathetic if it wasn't so annoying.
The cat caught something it's either a yorkie or a rat it's hard to tell the difference.
by yorkie stomper March 22, 2008
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