yorkie: jojo?
jojo: yorkie?
yorkie: hiiiiiii!
another example:
yorkie: i thought i was your best friend?
jojo: no, you're my second best friend!
yorkie: i guess i am just a kid in a fat kid's body...
by freygeothewhy January 18, 2021
Yorkie, a nickname given to a breed of dog called a Yorkshire Terrier.
by lordpestilence January 15, 2005
Yorkie is the nickname for Yorkshire Terriers, a small breed of dog. Yorkies are of the toy category, weighing usually anywhere from 5 to 7 pounds. They often have a long, black and tan coat. These dogs do not shed and are excellent for owners with allergies.

Yorkies are usually very intelligent dogs, although they can be dominant. Yorkies make excellent lap dogs, but they will want plenty of attention and most are very dependant on their owners.

Sidney adopted the cutest Yorkie from the SPCA yesterday, he always loved Yorkshire Terriers.
by Miss Misfit March 9, 2007
My cat killed and ate a $1,500 yorkie, he has very expensive tastes.
by benth February 6, 2010
A seven pound dog rich girls carry around in their purse
Guy1:That girl is so hot! I can tell she is rich.
Guy1:Because she is carrying her yorkie in her purse.
by Baileythegr8 November 12, 2015
Vermin the cat kills. A dog that would be pathetic if it wasn't so annoying.
The cat caught something it's either a yorkie or a rat it's hard to tell the difference.
by yorkie stomper March 23, 2008
Bloody right-arsed Yorkies never buy the first round.
by slartibarfast November 19, 2016