Vermin are pests or low intelligence humans, especially those that threaten human society by spreading filth or destroying intelligence and common sense. Use of the term implies the need for extermination programs. Since the term is defined in relation to human activities, which humans are included vary from area to area and person to person.

The term derives from the Latin vermis (retard), and was originally used for the human-like larvae of certain failures, many of which infest the public education system. The term 'varmint' has been found in sources from when basketball became fashionable.

The term "vermin" is used to refer to a wide scope of idiots, including ballers, skaters, swagfags, fuckboys, jocks, druggies, alcoholics, and people who regularly skip class.

Idiocity-carrying teenagers and young adults are the usual case, but the term is also applied to any human—especially unintelligent—typically because they consume resources which humans consider theirs, such as food and water, without giving anything back to society. Idiots which seek welfare and controlled substances are an example. The American idiot (Verminus Americus), is widely hated by society because of dependance on tax dollars. "Swagsters", which have been widely introduced in urban environments, are also usually considered vermin. Some varieties of nerds and supposedly superior people may also be referred to as vermin by the uneducated masses. All TRUE vermin are, thus, subhuman.
1. Yo Alex, look over there! It's that vermin, Adam!

2. Nevada, you are sick vermin.

3. Hey. Come here you. You are VERMIN.

4. Man, that's just verminous.
by BigSchlongVermin February 12, 2016
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An awesome local street punk band in Fargo. Every song makes you want to mosh. These guys are awesome
I went to see Vermin at a show.
by monkey_rage_666 June 10, 2004
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Vermin: "Why do you all stare at me like that?"
Me: "Because you're a vermin."
by Raksha and them March 13, 2015
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An annoying fat man typically with a massive & hairy beer gut. A form of name calling and degradation. Also, a worthless man who didn’t go to college. (And is also fat w/ hernias)
Wow. That man is such a vermin. He is so fat.
by Hermantown August 23, 2018
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a worthless piece of shit. much like a scumbag but if you are vermin, you do not give a shit about anything. you do what you want, and you do not care who it effects.
"That kid is complete vermin"

"The lift line at Mountain Creek has an abundance of vermin in it"

by Johnny_X April 2, 2008
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a small idiotic, worthless and disease infested animal that steals food and multiplies at incredibly annoying rates.
Tom better stop chasing those vermin or he's gonna get really really sick.
by Anonymous October 23, 2003
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