When someone texts you "hiiiiiii" with 7 i, its probably not them. A cat has probably went over the keyboard and wrote that word with coincidence. (probably coincidence..)
you: hello mate!
Your friend: hiiiiiii
You: how are you?
Your friend: hdjeiwjdbwowowjendnsnmskqjwjdj
by ScamTram79 March 7, 2021
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really excited or maybe crazy. they might like you or just want to hang out with you/talk to you. or it can just be a simple "hiiiiiii"
M: hiiiiiii
J: hiii
by Agayperson? April 27, 2022
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"hiiiiiii" is not the same a just "hi" like say you were talking to a besty that you have not talked to in FOREVER you would try to start a conversation by saying "hiiiiii" but just "hi" is like trying to start a conversation with some rando you have never talked to or to the family you never see
that one old lady at a family gathering: "oh my how much you have grown" "oh ummm hi?" *gives side hug

the one besty you have not talked to in 2-3 months: hiiiiiii how you doin
by thebunbunfromhell June 30, 2022
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