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something teachers, grown-ups, or coaches say when you got an answer SUPER wrong but they don't want to discourage you
me: *looks at DNA* "is that a roman column"
teacher: Uh, that's a good guess
by freygeothewhy January 20, 2021
yorkie: jojo?
jojo: yorkie?
yorkie: hiiiiiii!
another example:
yorkie: i thought i was your best friend?
jojo: no, you're my second best friend!
yorkie: i guess i am just a kid in a fat kid's body...
by freygeothewhy January 18, 2021
A group chat or server that is dead- no longer used or abandoned
*clicks on an old, no longer used group chat* wow, this is a dead chat...
by freygeothewhy January 13, 2021
the best type of science! you study birds and how they live!
so, timmy, what do you want to be when you grow up?
an ornithologist!
a what?
you study ornithology!
that's not uh..
a, uh- um a, fire man!
oh, ok
by freygeothewhy January 29, 2021
A reference to Grian- Hermitcraft 7: Episode 62 when a glass reading is left in his barge.
kl-kleegloss? WHAT IS THIS!? Am I going insane!? Can anybody read this!
by freygeothewhy January 12, 2021