9 definitions by freygeothewhy

A group chat or server that is dead- no longer used or abandoned
*clicks on an old, no longer used group chat* wow, this is a dead chat...
by freygeothewhy January 13, 2021
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the best type of science! you study birds and how they live!
so, timmy, what do you want to be when you grow up?
an ornithologist!
a what?
you study ornithology!
that's not uh..
a, uh- um a, fire man!
oh, ok
by freygeothewhy January 29, 2021
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chipmunk but without the "n"... a cuter way of saying chipmunk
awww! it's a chipmuk!

a chipmuk?
yes, a chipmuk!
by freygeothewhy January 26, 2021
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the best fruit in the world! soft, sweet (although sometimes sour), bite-sized! tastes bad after you brush your teeth.
Gosh I just brushed my teeth and I had blueberries... that was bad.
by freygeothewhy January 25, 2021
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something teachers, grown-ups, or coaches say when you got an answer SUPER wrong but they don't want to discourage you
me: *looks at DNA* "is that a roman column"
teacher: Uh, that's a good guess
by freygeothewhy January 19, 2021
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