A euphemism for an emasculated male that submits himself to every whim of his feminist master.
Wow, that guy sure does go along with everything that man-hating feminist says with the utmost loyalty, he's quite a little Yorkie
by Sugarsail1 October 8, 2018
student at york university (toronto)

these fools have their heads so fucking far up their asses that they believe standing up for women's rights and speaking against genital mutilation and democracy makes u a racist, cultural imperialist
Rational york u student: what is so wrong with western values, if they encourage equality for women?
Yorkie: "ummm maybe you should examine your white priviledge and stop trying to impose your western values on the rest of the world. *class applauds*
Rational york student: FML *head desk*

*aside from the applause this actually happened*
by rational york university stude February 11, 2010
a person who does something retarded, penis, asshole, fag, dumbass.
by mirandnollarebeast July 12, 2011
what some people call new yorkers. specially when they have tendencies to do very inner city things.
why can't he ever leave home without his cell phone? well, he's a yorkie.
by Denia April 30, 2006
Unpleasent person from the north of england characterised by string vests, whippets on strings. Is likely to breed pigeons, or breed with them in fact. Usually has a fat wife and 3 hundred squeeling kids, and complains about the weather all the time
by My May 13, 2003
A person who becomes angry at the slightest aggrevation - very, very easily. The 'yorkie' will proceed, once angered, to initiate acts of violence,vandilism, thugishness and hooliganism usually resulting in pain in anguish to the 'yorkie's' purpertraitor.
'Whooah, look at that yorkie. He just through a pineapple at THE D'
by Steven Mulhern January 29, 2008
an affectionate slang term for York Peppermint Patties, usually used by addicts
I need my Yorkie fix today
by vopey April 18, 2005