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A popular cryptic definition for viewing the source on the internet browser. This is used for online puzzle games that uses the source to hide clues for its levels. (Example: Tim Tang Test). The word originated from a play on words from the yogurt brand under Yoplait called "Source", as it is given in the picture on the level as a hint that the player needs the source to solve the level. Players use this word instead of the definition of the source to not allow players who are not yet at the place where they are required to view the source to understand what the others are talking about.
Tim Tang Test
Players refer to "yogurting" for level 11 and later for the reference to view the source, where people from before level 11 will not understand.

Other examples:

Orio's Riddle

P4X the Riddle
by Umi Takazawa October 29, 2007
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