A stereotypical hispanic pronounciation of the english word "Job". Under spanish laws of pronounciation, the letter "J" is usuauly pronounced as a "H" or "Y" as in "Jalapeno" or "Juego". This word has recently been used by Carlos Mencia of Comedy Central.
*In thick hispanic accent* "Man, my yob sucks. I gotta scrab them gringo's toilets cinco days a weeek."
by Rich Z November 2, 2005
it basically means "fuck in russian"
also spelled eb
yob ti gavnyak - fuck you shithead
yob tvou maht - fuck your mother
by Street Professor June 11, 2014
Boy spelled backwards as in rather backwards thinking and boyish. Or perhaps regressing from learning manners and proper behavior.
?airagluB ni taht sI ?nodnoL ,tahW ssorc rehtar s'yeht raeh I .nodnoL ni boy reccos a s'ti ,tuo hctaW
by Foo Bar February 15, 2005
English surf speak meaning jerk or asshole.
Eh, bro that was a real yob think to say.

That guy over there is a real yob.
by SeaPilot June 23, 2009
A word that describes a very homosexual male that loves to take the penis in the butt. Occasionally, he may have bisexual swings, and proceeds to use this to get an occasional girl, but prefers the cock.
Look at Ben, he's so yob!
by nobtheyob February 1, 2011
to steal, take, or borrow
Let me yob that hamburger.
by YobCop July 7, 2009
Noun, a huge bite. The missing skin or welt that results from a an attack from a household pet, usually cats. Often unprovoked.
"My cat just took a huge yob out of my leg."
by miss_disco August 14, 2009