A blowjob given by a brother (not in relation but in spirit).
Tim's wife was out of town so he had his homeslice, Chad, give him a bro-yob to make him less lonesome.

He swears he doesn't give bro-yob but there is to much evidence to prove it.
by DaBrochachos September 28, 2014
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A schoolchild, generally male, who attends a private school and wreaks havoc around the hang out of their choice, eg Hampstead or Highgate.
"Posh yobs urinated in that lady's flowerpot, did you hear?"
by Salome January 13, 2006
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Words used commonly by newspapers in the United Kingdom to name degenerate youths. Yob is 'boy' backward and it was used to refer to lower class boys by the upper class commonly in the 19th century. Words are generally used at the beginning of a sentence followed by a petty crime which benefits no-one that the yobs have committed.
Newspaper: "Callous Yobs break octogenarians mobility scooter while laughing."
by yeah buoy September 24, 2018
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the way mexicans without there green cards pronounce blow job
"hey chica come over here and give me a blow yob", the spic said to the woman moments after back stroking his ass across the river.
by juan (non us citizen) valdez January 03, 2008
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Where a guy has the girl push her boobs together while he fucks her cleavage.
I wish Soleil Moonfry never would have gotten that breast reduction because she would have made a great yob job.
by Z muhney October 01, 2007
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Very useful turn of phrase to use in case of a car accident, even if you are at fault
Yob tvoyu mat blyat! Pizdets blyat!
by drploppy March 22, 2019
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Russian phrase. "One of the words means mother, you do the math." -Robin Williams
Mike McDermott: Feel free to reload at any time.
Teddy KGB: Yob tvoyu mat!

Quotes from Rounders (1998)
by antoni324512 February 28, 2009
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