Can be used as a response to literally anything someone says to you. Best used when being condescending, sarcastic or just not giving a fuck.

I make money moves with all this dope as cheese.
Lol YOB.
by Christopher4747 July 16, 2018
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When somebody tells you something that isn't truthful at all. Short for Yeah Orrite Bro or Yeah Alright Bro
Moey DW: I swear Bro she totally wanted me
Omar: YOB
by JohnnyPartnaz July 01, 2016
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Andy: those youth on benefits are terrorizing the neighborhood again
Velma: you mean those yobs?
Andy: Yes!
by from_the_mire February 09, 2019
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Someone whose not friend zoned but you don’t want them to know that, so you call them a yob. Not a friend but a friend who’s not friend zoned
Tyler-dude, you’re a good friend
Sarah-um, yes yob! You’re a good yob!
Tyler-um, what’s a yob?
Sarah-for me to know and you to not know. Yob (:< call me yob too, yob
by Notfriendzonedforsure July 03, 2019
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Yobs is referred to a person who has low sense of emotions towards his/her beloved.

yobs is an adjective used for a boyfried who does not pay to his girl, although the girl tries hard to attract her boyfriend´s attention.
Suppose Arvin is your boyfriend, he works with his phone all the time, but when his girlfriend texts him, he pays no fucking attention. In this situation, you could say:
"Arvin is YOBS".
by ffffeeeee August 17, 2018
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