Backwards for "boy-boy". Usually reserved for cute little boy dogs
Here yob-yob. Look how cute boy-boy is!

Or move your finger up and down and say "Yob-yob" like "Redrum" from the Shining.
by SamIAm13 May 02, 2010
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Primarily British slang

Delinquent teenagers with their hoods up (as defined by the Tory party).
Those little bastard yobs broke into my car.
by automomous March 19, 2007
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"Yobbo or yob is a slang term for an uncouth or thuggish working-class person. The word derives from a back slang reading of the word "boy" (boy or boyo reversed becomes yob or – slightly modified – yobbo)."

Definition borrowed from Wikipedia.

Mentioned in British Civilization: An Introduction by John Oakland (p.13).
"A Times Travel study of mainstream tour operators ' youth brochures has revealed a widespread acceptance of yobbish behaviour."
by thehalflingqueen September 09, 2013
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Obscene youngster, punk, loud, or crazy young man.punk
Grandma: You see that little punk George! Why is the lad so loud and obscene?! What a bloody yob he is!!

George: Alright.
by Arthur J. Jones March 22, 2017
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The act (or process) of busting a fatty.
Bro I yobbed in stacy’s mouth last night.
by PappaJohn69 December 26, 2019
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A yob is a job that is tedious and/or pays a very low wage. Refers to the working conditions (and the way Mexicans would pronounce j-o-b in Spanish) of Mexican Americans.
Dick: What're we doing waiting in line here for?
Miguel: We'ere waiting fore a yob.
Dick: A yob?
Migeul: A yob!
by Sid Barrett August 03, 2008
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Chatting absolute waffle that even my Nan with a hearing aid on each ear couldn’t understand- TC
by BillyBigOnes/MrStealUrGirl October 23, 2019
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