Wifey material; a lady that's fine, smart, classy, but not full of herself. Real sexy, but not a ho n got that nice brown sugar skin tone!
by Brown_Sugar February 23, 2011
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wifey material. fine, smart, classy but not a snob. hella hella sexy but not a hoe. that's brown sugar
Dre: yeah she brown sugar...
Syd: Brown sugar? break it down for me
by UNKN0WNNN August 9, 2005
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Some serious good loving from a black women
I want some of her brown sugar
by joella October 21, 2003
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1. a brown powdery confection you put on your oatmeal.

2. Mexican heroin

3. a black woman

4. a hit song for the Rolling Stones, a highlight of their shows.
1. when I saw a brown sugar company use that Rolling Stones tune of that name for its TV ad I laughed my ass off.

2. Billy shoots up on that brown sugar every morning.

3. in the Sunday paper I saw a Target ad and rock'n'roll T-shirts were on sale that week. Several models posed in different band shirts and believe it or not, there was a "brown sugar" wearing a Rolling Stones T-shirt. Black woman - Brown sugar - Rolling Stones - Get it?

4. the Rolling Stones concluded their concert with "Brown Sugar". That song was controversial when it came out but now (in 1997) college students were huddled into circles and the tune was simply one big campy happy sing-a-long.
by I Saw U2 Live Twice May 26, 2007
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Its a female whose comfortable as herself. She doesn't hav 2 be a ho to be attractive. She doesn't hav 2 let guys hit to be wanted. She's just her and nobody can change that.
**But she does hav 2 be sum wat cute...lol
Guy1: You like her?
Guy2: Yea alot
Guy1: Treat her right man thaz brown sugar
by Thawanted_1 July 28, 2004
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