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a way to refer to someone new (fresh meat) who doesn't know what's going on. derogatory.
Comon MEAT, wake the fuck up and get up with the rest of us.
by patch May 27, 2004

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A good word when you can't be bothered to talk.
Hubby: "I've had a crap day, roofers, arsehole bosses, traffic, more traffic...."
Essex Wife: "init"
by patch July 02, 2004

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An alcoholic drink popular in Northeast Ohio which consists of grenadine and 1.5 ounces of Stoli Raspberry Vodka dropped in 1/2 pint of Red Bull (done as a shot).
Hey barkeep, lets get a round of Katie Hot Pants over here.
by Patch December 22, 2004

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1) A listing of human physiology and health, written in the early 1900's
2) A top album written by Pearl Jam
I'll go and consult my copy of Vitalogy concerning your rectal infestation.
by Patch September 16, 2003

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A top Pearl Jam album
Woah. Track 7 on No Code is killer.
by Patch September 16, 2003

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Strenth, Powerfull, Unbeatable, Unstoppable
1.You are very laviathon.
2.You have amazing laviathon.
by patch November 15, 2003

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a device which is used to smoke shit loads of ganja all at once
lets go pull a lung
by patch February 12, 2003

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