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The North American Man Boy Love Association, a small group of pedophiles who think it's OK for adult men to have sex with young boys. The second most hated organization in the USA next to the KKK
NAMBLA, contrary to popular belief, is not a fictional invention of the writers of South Park
by Rattus cattus October 09, 2006

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1. Jewish term for someone who is not a Jew
2. Mormon term for someone who is not a Mormon.
Utah is the only place in the USA where Jews are considered gentiles.
by Rattus cattus November 16, 2006

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Rich kids "slumming it" and thinking they're being cool by smoking pot and living out their "creative" fantasies that usually don't come to anything, in between travelling to exotic third world places like Bali, Morocco, or Thailand, more or less like a cross between a neohippie and a hipster (although there is considerable overlap between trustafarians and both of those other subcultures) commonly found in the Venice, Echo Park,Atwater Village, and Silver Lake neighborhoods in L.A. (although Silver Lake is getting a bit too expensive for all but the wealthiest trustafarians, so some are going to Hollywood and assuredly some will go to Koreatown soon if they haven't already). The term is derived from a combination of "trust fund" and "Rastafarian".
Abbott Kinney Blvd. in Venice is riddled with trustafarians who claim to be working on film scripts or doing art but nothing they're doing ever amounts to anything.,
by Rattus cattus November 14, 2006

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A Central European country that has suffered immensely through the centuries because of being coveted by larger neighbors. The reputation of Poles being stupid came from them being willing to fight for their country and their freedom when they had no chance in hell of winning. Poland, contrary to popular belief, is a very cultured country that has produced many great scientists, authors, artists, writers, film directors, etc. Poland is now in the European Union. The most negative thing about Poland, however, is the lingering tradition of antisemitism that has survived even though Poland has almost no Jews. This is ironic because Poland before the Russians came in was not as anti-semitic as other European countries ; the Russians introduced the virus of antisemitism into Poland and unfortunately it remained. It probably thrived because of Poles' pride in their Catholicism (even under Communist rule the church remained strong) causing them to look suspiciously upon non-Catholics. Nevertheless Poland has made many great contributions to the world, and perhaps the greatest was the Polish Resistance fighting the Nazis when they had no hope of prevailing against Hitler's war machine. Millions of Poles died in the Nazi concentration camps built on Polish soil. Lech Walesa's Solidarity movement, with the backing of the Polish Pope John Paul II, helped bring down Communism ; Poland was the first communist country to return to democratic rule.
The world owes Poland a debt of gratitude for the contributions of Poles in fighting Nazi Germany
by Rattus cattus September 14, 2006

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A fanatical Argentine communist who joined up with Fidel Castro and became one of the leaders of the Cuban Revolution. Was responsible for the deaths of political prisoners. He was too extreme even for Fidel, so he left Cuba and travelled around the world to foment global revolution (unsuccessfully]. His assassination in Bolivia turned him into a martyr, and his picture was widely reproduced on magazine covers, posters, and T-shirts. It didn't hurt that he was one of the few "hot" communist leaders, making him the James Dean of Communism. Today his picture is worn on T-shirts mostly by wealthy American teenagers from extremely privileged backgrounds, ironically the same class he would love to have destroyed, mainly because he was a very good looking man who is vaguely considered a symbol of rebellion.
Very few of the kids who wear Che Guevara T-shirts have the slightest idea about Che's actual political beliefs.
by Rattus cattus October 26, 2006

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The greatest living actor
Al Pacino's always good even in movies that aren't so hot
by Rattus cattus October 19, 2006

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A Jewishlanguage based on German once spoken throughout Central and Eastern Europeby AshkenazicJews. The name comes from a combination of the German words, "Jud" (Jew) and "Deutsch" (German). Sometimes referred to as a dialect of German, and sometimes denigrated as the "Ebonics of the Austro-Hungarian Empire", Yiddish does have its own unique qualities which differentiate it from standard German. Unfortunately, most Yiddish speakers were killed in the Holocaust, and emigration of the Jews of Central Europe and Eastern Europe resulted in the near-disappearance of the language. Today it can only be heard in isolated pockets in certain big cities worldwide. It is probably the most endangered European language right now. However, Yiddish words have heavily influenced American English,especially that of New York, and to a lesser extent have made it into Cockney. The use of Yiddish words like schmuck, putz, shyster, etc. by comedians, in particular, has spread Yiddishisms throughout the Anglosphere. Even though the Yiddish language is in a severe and probably irreversible state of decline, certain Yiddish words will always be with us, kein ahora.
Oy vey, nobody speaks Yiddish anymore. Nu?
by Rattus cattus October 26, 2006

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