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A fanatical Argentine communist who joined up with Fidel Castro and became one of the leaders of the Cuban Revolution. Was responsible for the deaths of political prisoners. He was too extreme even for Fidel, so he left Cuba and travelled around the world to foment global revolution (unsuccessfully. His assassination in Bolivia turned him into a martyr, and his picture was widely reproduced on magazine covers, posters, and T-shirts. It didn't hurt that he was one of the few "hot" communist leaders, making him the James Dean of Communism. Today his picture is worn on T-shirts mostly by wealthy American teenagers from extremely privileged backgrounds, ironically the same class he would love to have destroyed, mainly because he was a very good looking man who is vaguely considered a symbol of rebellion.
Very few of the kids who wear Che Guevara T-shirts have the slightest idea about Che's actual political beliefs.
by Rattus cattus October 26, 2006
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Condi Rice was one of the major architects of the invasion of Iraq before becoming Secretary of State
by Rattus cattus September 15, 2006
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1. One of the oldest neighborhoods in Los Angeles, in between downtown L.A. and Silver Lake. The original center of the film industry in L.A., before the industry moved to Hollywood after World War I and then to Culver City and the San Fernando Valley in the 1940s. Long occupied by Mexicans, other Latinos and a few Chinese, Echo Park in the last few years has drawn young white kids - especially hipsters and trustafarians - priced out of Silver Lake,Los Feliz. and Venice. It has replaced Silver Lake as being L.A.'s hipster center. Probably the most happening neighborhood in L.A. right now.

2. A park in the southern part of the neighborhood of the same name, known as a seriously dangerous place filled with gangs (particularly the Echo Parque gang, also known as ExP 13) and (more so in the past than today) drug dealers, particularly at night.It contains the only natural lake in L.A. According to legend, restaurant owners in Chinatown, not far away, have been known to capture dogs running loose to butcher, cook, and serve. The area of Echo Park (the neighborhood) which surrounds the park is the only part of the neighborhood that could be called nasty. Countless films have been shot there, most notably Mi Vida Loca.
1. There's an art opening going on at this little place on Echo Park Ave., then we'll go have some drinks at Barragan's, the Short Stop, or Taix, and then there's a cool band playing at the Echo, just across Sunset Boulevard from Taix....

2. You're going to walk through the park at night? Are you nuts?
by Rattus cattus November 30, 2006
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A beautiful city in Central Europe with a long history that has sadly become a tourist trap
In the early '90s, after the fall of Communism, Prague was the place to be, now its a magnet for football hooligans on a cheap holiday
by Rattus cattus September 15, 2006
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U.S. variation on the British term "wanker", meaning asshole. Mostly used by California chicano gang members. Perhaps the only example of Cockney influence on cholo talk.
that pinche puto is a serious ranker
by Rattus cattus December 6, 2006
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a gay, pedophilic, coke-snorting US Senator from Wisconsin who ruined the lives of countless numbers of Americans in his paranoid witch-hunt against alleged Communists and who severely damaged the American political system until he was brought down. Inexplicably, right wing authors like Ann Coulter are trying to rehabilitate his reputation
Joseph McCarthy played upon people's fears of communism to advance his own political career and in the process corrupted American democracy
by Rattus cattus July 5, 2006
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