1. A Hebrew word used in the Jewish Scriptures (a.k.a. the Old Testament). The word means "nation," and is always used within these scriptures to refer to the nations of the world. Significantly, within the Old Testament, Judah (the Jewish nation) itself is called a "goy."
2. In the Old Testament, the Jews were called to be a nation separate from the other nations, which were all Pagan. And so, colloquially, all non-Jewish nations came to be called "goyim" as in "the nations" from which the God of the Old Testament had called upon the Jews to separate themselves.
3. A word used by some Jews to refer to Gentiles (non-Jews). The word can have derogatory connotations, such as the word "black" when used to refer to a persons of African descent. It can be neutral or negative depending on the context and the intent of the speaker.

Plural - goyim.
1. "Gather together, gather together O shameful goy" - Zephaniah 2:1 (Referring to the Jewish nation)
2. Jews don't eat pork, goyim eat pork.
by Frakseno January 31, 2007
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Hebrew and Yiddish term for a non-Jewish person; synonymous with "gentile." Usually neutral, despite persistent untrue rumors that it is derogatory. It should only be considered offensive when it is used in a context indicating that it's intended as an insult, or said in a tone of disgust- much like the word "Jew." Plural, "goyim"; adjective forms "goyish," "goyishe," "goyisher."
by Yossel the Yid April 12, 2004
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Tom Green is a goy, he dress up as hilter and went into a jewish synagogue....just a rumor
by Chigga wit the sungrasses June 29, 2003
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Hebrew term for "gentile", it's usually used in an unflattering manner. It, like "gentile", literally means "nation" (as in tribe or race, not really country).
by 5th Column May 2, 2003
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1.its when a girl acts like a guy but still likes guys and not girls
2.when a guy acts like a girl but still likes girls not guys
1.you are such a goy.
2.he looks like a goy.
by la-pipe February 20, 2011
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girl+boy=goy see also shim, heshe, hermaphrodite
dude!! declan is such a goy!!
by funnygirl101 March 11, 2009
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An androgynous person. More specifically, a boy who looks like a girl in terms of hair, facial features/structure, and stature/build. Very creepy.
"Holy shit, there's a goy on the bus!"
by Willy L. February 9, 2008
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