A single, generous sized, line of cocaine.
"Yo, cut me a Yisrael."
by Dr. Todd Reezee January 28, 2009
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The State of Israel. Used in opposition to the commonly used Eretz Yisrael, which translates as The Land of Israel. Medinat Yisrael means the Modern State of Israel.
by kmbate April 26, 2006
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Otsyr Yisrael is a kind, arrogant and intelligent person. They are also known to be great lovers depending on the scale they'll either be shy or very dominate. If you ever so happen to cross an Otsyr Yisrael make sure to keep them it is not easy to find one.
"Otsyr Yisrael just scored another 110 on the test, but I'm not surprised."
"I really like Otsyr Yisrael so much, he's so cute when he shows his shy side around me."
by SaveSomeLove September 18, 2020
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