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the void that is felt, especially around holidays, when there is a loved one missing from the table, typically due to death; a noticeable absence of a deceased or missing family member or friend
There was an empty seat at Thanksgiving this year. We really miss Mom.
by Lydia December 12, 2014
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Just as it says. It refers to a migit on crack.

It is used as a term to describe one's absurd actions.
Tina! You stupid crack migit. Stop stealing muh' cheese crackers!
by Lydia April 9, 2005
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if you're going to liten to emo, listen to dashboard confessional
by Lydia May 29, 2004
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Result of a shoe being imbossed upon a dog turd.
Rick stepped on a dog fece and created a dog waffle.
by Lydia April 10, 2005
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when some sick perverted human being ate so many beans that they have excessive gas that stinks up rooms, building, and sometimes even towns with a disgusting stench of bean, raddish, and pigs in a blanket all mixed together!
emma: wouldnt that be cool if... WHAT IS THAT SMELL!!?!?!
jake: i dunno...
emma: did u fart?!?
jake: o yea! that must be it! i just ate a burrito. im gonna have total el beanio!
emma: dude! u already do! holy crap! im getting out of the room...
jake: k.

(5 minutes later)

emma: dude the whole house smells! i cant breathe!
jake: settle down its not that bad.
by Lydia December 30, 2004
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something completely out of the blue that makes no sense at all!
Lydia and Emma

thats a funky beat man. yea thats what i thought untill i ate the cake pie. strawberry? no bananna! thanks fred, that took a lot of money didnt it?
by Lydia December 30, 2004
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saying or doing something that has absolutely nothing to do with whats going on at the time. or something very stupid that makes no sense...
1. i like turkey dipped in bannana cream pie. can i like ur itch? sure y not, i like monkeys too! for real?! i thought strawberries were red!!! thanks bob...

2. Lydia and Emma
by Lydia December 30, 2004
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