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(n) An attractive girl who is funny
God I wish my gilfriend could be more like a Lydia
by Lydia March 03, 2005

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Lydia is the coolest and best person in the whole wide world. She is hot and you know it.
Whoa! Look at Lydia! Dat bitch is fIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIne!
by Lydia May 31, 2004

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1.) Totally awesome language that is a combination of german and hebrew. Has contributed words such as: "bagel," "nudnik," "mishmash" "schmuck" to our everyday vocabulary.
2) the perfect language to insult people, paticuarly goyem.
"Oy Vey (woe is me) my boychick (darling son)is all ferblungit (mixed up) he acts like such a nebbish (loser)and shlemiel (weakling) he lost all his money to that gonif (theif) of a stockbroker. Oh woe is me!
by Lydia July 04, 2003

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Awesome rapper. Intelligent and honest.
Atmosphere is the SHIT
by Lydia May 27, 2004

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When a woman leaves the home of a man(quite possibly one she met the night before) in the early morning hours; hair sticking out in all directions, makeup half gone, with her undies in a pocket or her purse.
After a night of partying and excessive drinking Cheryl woke up god-knows where with an unknown man beside her and in a fit of regret gathered her belongings as quickly and quietly as possible and crept from the man's home in what is known as the walk of shame.
by Lydia September 28, 2004

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A very talented young guitarist/singer/fashion maestro/man from Scotland. Has crooked teeth that make him look even sexier. Is of Greek descent and has large collection of Striped Shirts. Kate Moss is after him but she's not going to succees; sadly he is with company already. He could be my company day ho ho ho chortle. No seriously, he's gorgeous and talented and sexy etc. till eternity.
Tall, floppy haired, nice cheek-boned man from Glaaaaaaaasgooooh who is shy but very cool. Plays music for girls to dance to.
by Lydia July 12, 2004

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it has no meaning just an exspression, a happy expression
wooooooo! i scored some crack!
by lydia April 27, 2003

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