yf= you fail.

Sometimes, we feel the need to just be direct when going about telling someone that they fail. They screwed up, didn't do what they were supposed to do, and probably just made matters worse for themselves and likely people around them. Or maybe it was some ridiculously easy task that anyone could have done, and well, this person just failed to do so.
"I threw a rock at the ground...and I missed."

Dana ::: "Mitha gave me a taste of my own medicine and now I'm going to talk more shit about him and his friends."
Ketan ::: "yf"
by K10 KAPasi December 31, 2010
young friend; most often used by pederasts (occasionally pedophiles as well) as a means of describing their love interest.
My yf is coming over to my house after summer camp for video games.
by raymers July 26, 2016
yf often means “you feel?” in texting

it’s a way of asking if someone understands or relates
i can’t express it! it’s crazy, yf? (you feel?)
by lilsk8sk8 January 15, 2020
An abbreviation of You free?

Used in texting to see if someone is available.
Person one: Eyy gurl yf?
Person two: Yeah till 9:30...
by Rez☆☆ December 16, 2016
omfg ur such a f yf. stfu.
by Dgun132 May 13, 2005
I'm YFS.
by greeneking April 22, 2009