a new orleans term for "fa real or really."
person1: look how she dancing...
(they both look)
person2: yes indeed
by N.O. girl777 May 25, 2009
A Southern expression typically used as an exclamation to show mild exasperation, frustration, surprise or bemusement towards an egregious situation. The phrase with the closest similar meaning is "Oh Lord!".
Lisa: "Did you hear about the scandalous thing Clara did? She..."
Sally: ~shakes head and purses lips ~ " Yes indeed..."
by Dann326 May 25, 2018
This phrase basically means the same thing as saying "yes" but with more authority. if you want to inflict power over your fellow piers just say this word and the'll immediately bow at your feet.
Friend 1: Wow Emma, you have so much authority over your words

Friend 2 (Emma): Yes Indeed
by The juicy juice March 18, 2019
A song made by Lil Baby, featuring Drake talking about whips with no keys, tailoring clothes with no starch, please, as soon as he nuts you can leave, and he has moniin the bank. Yes Indeed.
Yes Indeed - Topic

Wheezy out of here
The dash, a digi', the schedule busy
My head in a hoodie, my shorty a goodie
My cousins are crazy, my cousins like Boogie
Life is amazin', it is what it should be
Been here for ten but I feel like a rookie
I tell her, "look up" 'cause it's snowin' in Tootsie's
Booked for three years, man you can't even book me
It's me and Lil Baby, this shit goin' crazy
Wheezy produced it and Weezy F. made me
And she held it down, so she got a Mercedes
Young Money Records, the Army, the Navy
They ran me ten thousand, I threw it like Brady
The foreign is yellow like Tracee and K.D
I trusted my niggas, they never betrayed me
Met all these niggas, they sweeter than Sadie
When I started out, I just took what they gave me
Did all the favors, they never repaid me
It worked in my favor, 'cause nobody saved me
Brand new whip got no keys
Tailor my clothes, no starch please
Soon as I nut you can gon' leave
Got M's in the bank like Yes Indeed

(Credits to YouTube.com and Genius.com)
by Derpy Peanut Logic December 12, 2018
The coolest way of saying yes.
"Is she FAF?"
"Yes, yes indeed."
by Sky Walker April 4, 2005