one fya ass rapper from Atlanta, know for songs like Drip too hard featuring Gunna
by 4PF4Live November 9, 2019
An Atlanta rap icon. Him along with Young Thug and Gunna are some of the hottest rappers in Atlanta.
Person 1 : You heard that new Lil Baby song “Sum 2 Prove” ?

Person 2 : Yeah, that song was kickin!
by reptilian girl January 19, 2020
Some wack rapper who tries to be like Young Thug although he'll never be as good as him. Also for some reason, he sounds like a Battle Droid.
Hank: Y'all listen to dat new Lil Baby song??? It 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Mark: No, I don't, because he's a Young Thug wannabe. Plus, he mumbles all the damn time.
by Raspberry Necessary 35 April 19, 2022
the term "lil baby " is use for a boy or girl that sombody talk to strong on daily basis
One your friends would ask "Is that you my nigga?" and your be like "Bet, that's my "lil baby " mane".
by GetYouANeshia November 30, 2017
Lil baby is someone who is amazing someone who you can talk to all the time. Someone who’s extremely beautiful. Someone who you don’t know what you’d without her.
I dont know what I’d do without my lil baby l.
by MadWordman May 20, 2018
someone who is very cute, or very attractive is known as a lil babie. since a "little baby" is very cute they refer to very attractive people as "lil babies"
dang he fine! He a lil babie!

wassup ma... damn you a lil babie
by kk babez:) December 6, 2008
that fire ass rapper from Atlanta that was from the projects, with his album that was #1 on the billboard "my turn" featuring Gunna, 42 Dugg, Future, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Wayne, Moneybagg Yo, Young Thug, and Rylo Rodriguez.
person 1: yeoo, did you hear "my turn" by Lil baby?
person 2: ohh shitt it was firee my favorite emotionally scarred
by fw.nisa June 1, 2020