An ingenious way of solving a problem, usually improvising or using an unusual resource. Mostly applied to a source of income or goods.
This word comes from lunfardo, a lingo from Buenos Aires and other cities in Argentina and Uruguay.
"Mi yeite es vender empanadas en el tren." (My yeite is to sell food in the train)

"- Todos los días traen facturas a la oficina del piso de arriba, pero yo siempre voy y como igual.

- ¡Qué buen yeite!"
(- Croissants are bought everyday for the office upstairs, but I always go and eat anyway.

- That's a great yeite! )
by Arnoques May 30, 2013
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i am yeit
you are not yeit
he is yeit
by yeit real October 16, 2023
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A meaningless term used by douche-mouths and dick-trees. The word was originally coined as a covert substitute for "dick", but failed to catch on as it lacks any wit or originality. While not condoned, an individual attempting to use this faux term could possibly warrant them being beaten about the face and ears.
Hey Gary, you know I like to look at your yeit, right? That makes me a yeit gazer.
*zero laughs; punching ensues*
by Creambag Steve March 11, 2018
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Yeit is a word meaning dick. Or the word penis. Yeit was created too say the word dick. It was thought of on a beach in flordia.
Hey man can you hold my yeit. Why yes sir I will hold your yeit.
by Holdmyyeit November 26, 2017
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it is a fictonal chemical made because the user "yeit" was fucking bored
oxygen is stinky, breath yeit wh instead
by yeit real October 16, 2023
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totally not an oc ahahahahahh
yeit winterson H is a cool dude tbh
by yeit real October 16, 2023
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