The battle cry of the ¡Los Luchadors de Muerto!, the post-apocalyptic drum and bass trio.
¡ARRIBA!, I just got mellonballed by a Luchador!
by puto September 28, 2004
if you're a luchador it needn't beg explanation
¡ARRIBA! as in, "los luchadors... ARRIBA!"
by temulent September 29, 2004
A hybrid form of the Spanish expression "arriba!" unleashed with unflinching and extended force, preferably with a vibrato-laced ending.
As they slowly rolled through the underground parking in near silence, Henry suddenly popped his head out the sunroof and unleashed a Pavarotti arriba, terrorizing small children and eliciting confused looks on the faces of nearby adults.
by cbjwthwm July 2, 2009
It is a way to say that SPAIN is the greatest country in the world
Santiago Abascal says "Arriba España" because he loves Franco and Spain
by Arriba España November 28, 2019
The form to expres do you like Spain you can do it with the T pose but ahead and looking to the sun and souting if you do it in spain all the girls \ boys will flirt with you

All the girls : you are so fucking hot
by J Valni September 26, 2018
niggers/africans/slaves.... anything black pretty much

This word is the equivalent to "illiterate fuck"

arriba mutha fucker!!!
apes, niggers, gorillas, aj, cudjoe, raymond, travis, kweita, monkey

used in a sentence - "quincey called up his niggas and said Arriba MotherFucker, and than they were like what the fuck?? so than they came over and burned their nigger african slave feet."
by quincey BITCH!!!! January 26, 2009
Spanish sentence meaning do me up my butt.
Haga me arriba mi culo puto!!
by FahHot July 12, 2008