Someone who stares at your genitals at the urinal or in the gym showers.
Have you noticed that Coach is a gazer?
by Coach Gazer January 16, 2005
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usually a playa lookin up and down a slut/whore/hoochie mamma with another girl on his arm.
ohhh dangg... did you just see that gazer checking out that skank?!
by ~babbiiigurll~ June 5, 2009
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Some one who is woke popularized by Solluminati. Also can mean someone who sun gazes because they are demi gods.
"Gazer Gazer hoodie so in the buildin".
by Gazer Gazer June 18, 2020
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eyeballs or whatever you want it to mean
i’m gonna hit you in ur gazers dude
by GAZERDUDE101 August 16, 2019
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(n) Noun: A male who looks at another male's genitals.
"Dude, I was in the can during the 2nd intermission, and the guy at the urinal beside me was a total castle gazer!"
by bryska February 7, 2006
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generally whilst your urinating in a public bathroom at a urinal stall with men doing the same or in the showers of a gym/P.E. classes... basically any point in time you may be "exposed" in the company of several men familiar or otherwise unfamiliar; you catch a man looking at your privates a little to long to be a casual glance... you actually see a twinkle in his eyes and perhaps a smirking grin and possibly licking of his lips and your getting a creepy feeling and it's making you uncomfortable and even irritable... "penis watcher" lol... "sharky"
oh man, that buy was funny... i caught him checking out my package :) LOL that dude was straight "peter gazing" i think his new name should be "PETER GAZER" or perhaps we just nick name him "sharky" i mean you would think he was the "shower monitor"
by eighty-six December 26, 2008
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1. A security guard hired to protect cattle from rustlers.

2. A man who enjoys observing another man's penis without permission, usually in public washrooms and showers.

3. A derogatory term for a homosexual man.

4. A person who has a fetish for excessively large vaginal lips and/or a protruding clitoris. (see flower or labia)
1. "Bob. Wake up. It looks like the ol' piss-tank meat gazer finally passed out. I'm going in to hiest that heffer behind him. Watch my back."

2. "I seen you checking out my crotch, you meat gazer!"

3. "Hey Jim, be careful. I'm pretty sure the bus driver is a meat gazer cuz he smiled at me."

4. "I seen you checking out my pee flaps, you meat gazer!"
by Mickey Nation November 12, 2006
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