Place people call Florida when people are referring to it being awful or in a negative way.
by kfcardio October 07, 2019
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A sex move that involves a woman urinating into a mans mouth and then him spitting it into her vag.
Ur friend: hey my gf just asked to do flordia grape juice and im kinda scared, but definitely excited!!;0
me: have her eat grapes first, her piss will tase better.
Ur friend: sounds good dude
by DracofuckedHarry April 23, 2021
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a phrase used on American Housewife that apparently is actually undefined as sexual maneuver, though they indicate that it would involve one partner leaning forward.
He's a preacher's son, he'd never do a flordia home run, he only has sex in the missionary position.
by Rookiewookie November 19, 2020
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