Generally fucked in terms of injury or intoxication
Bobby: "Yo bro i took 18 benadryls im literally yeeshed rn"
Crusty: "Damn"
Bobby: "my ankle is yeeshed bro i can barely walk"
Crusty: "Damn"
by BobbyJuul June 6, 2019
Yikes +Sheesh = Yeesh
Yikes and sheesh are having a baby they are going to name it yeesh
by Word for eve situation February 27, 2020
something you say when someone tells you something bad or cringy
"hey dude, look at this pee stain on my bed!"
by chuliiii September 14, 2017
A different form of sheesh. It's interesting to use for awhile, if you get bored of saying sheesh. This is a good word for people that don't really say "bad" words.
Why did you do that for? Yeesh...

Yeesh! (In a complaining way) Why did you take my money for?
by GABEMSTR November 15, 2006
Like sheesh, or o my gosh, etc.

You can basically use it for anything.

You can replace it with a bad word too.
Dad: You're grounded!!!
You: Yeesh

friend: You fat piece of crap!!
You: Ahh be quiet u piece of yeesh.
by gabemaster187 December 19, 2005
Yeeshing means almost anything. it’s a filler word that i just invented. similar to the word “yutta” in that “yuttas” can be almost anything.
are you yeeshing me?” “man they yeeshing my shit right now
by LimShady March 28, 2018
word to describe something that isn't good
"nice, you just gave up a touchdown in madden"

by jay holt April 26, 2006