Something that is boring or completely

A 'yawn' (when you open your mouth, take a deep breath, and stretch your muscles) is a sure sign that you are sleepy or bored.
The film was a real yawner -- I fell asleep after the first twenty minutes.
by VAKI5 May 11, 2005
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Someone who doesn't fit into a group. Not someone who fits into 2 groups, but someone who is different. May be able to be put into many groups by music, clothes and attiude.
person1: So wot do you think she is? a Goth or a ned?
person 2: She's just a yawner.
by X_deathrose_X December 16, 2004
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Ted brought Alicia to the Rave, and man she is a real yawner if you ask me
by worderamma September 15, 2009
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One of Santa's unheard of reindeer, Yawner. He yawns continuously, so he can't pull the sleigh.
What is Santa's new reindeer?
His name is "Yawner", I sure hope he doesn't have to use him, since he yawns continuously.
by JCgal December 31, 2009
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Person who is meticulosy boring and a wussie, they are not risky frisky but rather play it safe and be in the act of total rejection for any down ass things
I wanted to go sky diving with adam,but instead he decided to be a yonic yawner and stay at home.
by Chickenwingeyeliner August 9, 2016
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One who is always bored with your story
Don’t tell him the whole story, he’s an Ace Yawner.
by Opossum 69 October 30, 2021
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James you’re getting a big tax free smelly yawner ya cunt
by Pos51 January 14, 2021
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