To ski effortlessly and gracefully over snow, much like Santa's sleigh. May elicit the feeling you had when you woke up Christmas morning when you were five.

A noun used as a verb which can be substituted for "shredd" (as in "shred the gnar")

Not to be confused with the verb "SLAY". Why would you want to kill the precious pow anyway?
"Yeah Mr. McGnargnar, sleigh that crotch-deep powpow!"


This particular powder whore's heart filled with lust and his smile grew as he sleighed the newly discovered freshies.
by Miss McGnargnar March 4, 2008
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To be sleighed is to be immeasurably drunk on Christmas Eve, so much so that you are either still drunk Christmas Day or are massively hung over. The same as "wasted" or "shit-faced" but used specifically on the Christmas Holiday. This term can also be used post-Christmas if one is wasted Christmas Day and continues into Boxing Day.

This is often seen in "mall Santas" after they finish thier final day on the 24th.
Guy 1: "Whoa, did you see that mall santa tossing his guts under that tree?"

Guy 2: "Yeah, he's totally sleighed!"

Example 2

Santa: Whooaaa there Rudolph, I said leeeeft.... hold up I gotta ho ho ho hurl! *blargh*

Rudolph: Good graces Santa! Your F*cking Sleighed!
by Yawrood December 24, 2009
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a.)a way of saying owned
b.)a way of saying "to make someone laugh"
a.) guy: dude i totally sleighed that guy at tekken 3!
b.) girl: oh tamara, you were so funny on the netball pitch when you kept dropping the ball! you sleigh me! hahaha!
by mimzxo October 29, 2009
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Do not be fooled by their Christmas-y name! They are

an experimental pop duo from New York - their debut album, 'Treats' was released in 2010. It. Is. Excellent.
Person A - ''Who sings that deliciously electronic/alternative track?''

Person B - ''Why, it's Sleigh Bells of course!''
by DuckieOfthePOND December 12, 2011
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The act of pulling both of a girls pigtails while in the doggy style position acting as if her pigtails where the reigns of a sleigh
Dude1:what did you do last night

Dude2:my girl let me sleigh ride her all night

by Mazz12 December 1, 2016
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An exaggerated colloquialism to correctly asses the abilities of being good with women.

When a man is extremely adept at picking up and sleeping with (fornicating) others especially women.

When a man attracts many ladies and their approval, lusts, and fascinations.

A man who uses gifts as a means to sleep with many women.

A man who is a Sexual Dynamo.
Dude, You see Jimmy with all those girls tonight? He was Santa Sleighing!

The professor knows just what grades to get those girl's shirts off. He Santa Sleighs.

I Santa sleighed it last night in bed. She was begging for more.
by @BananaHamBone January 24, 2011
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The sexual act of taking a fairly good sized object with a flat surface, and while a man is sitting on it with his erect penis in the woman's vagina while she is on him and then sliding down several flights of stairs, causing irresistable humping and orgasm for both parties.
Last night my girl friend wanted to go on carriage ride but we decided we'd rather go for a sleigh ride.
by Jales September 15, 2003
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